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A DIY Bath Pasteurizer


Our pasteurizer allows the operator to set the pasteurization temperature and calculates the accumulated PU’s (pasteurization units) in real-time. Once the necessary PU’s have been reached, an indicator light notifies the operator.



We made this for cider, are you making cider? The Death Ray will work for you too!


Making sweet stouts or hard sodas? The Death Ray is your answer!


Are you canning nitro coffee? The Death Ray will work for you!

Touch Display

7" Touch Display w/ ability to set pasteurization temperature and desired pasteurization units. 

Pasteurization Unit Log

See the accumulated pasteurization units (PUs) in real-time from the pasteurization unit view.

Temperature Log

See the current and historical temperature log in real-time from the bath temperature view.


Pump Automator

DR automatically cycles the pump to achieve the desired temperature and pasteurization units.

Indicator Light

Can be seen from a distance to alert when pasteurization is complete.


There's a Death Ray for everyone.